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Hi - I have an rSeat N1 for racing sims but as I am finding more of my time is in DCS I was wondering if anyone had any solutions for the different hardware positions, HOTAS etc? Currently using the keyboard tray for the chassis but this is far from ideal as it is at an angle in both in perspectives. In the picture below it swivels round a bit more infront of the seat but it remains awkward. There appears nothing suitable on the rSeat website under accessories to work with a HOTAS setup. At this rate a table and chair is a better option but that then means I lose my triple-screen setup (not 100% convinced by VR yet).





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My Rig: rSeat N1 + 3x40" Samsung KU6400 screens + Water-cooled i7 6700K @ 4.5GHz + 16GB DDR4 3200MHz + GTX 1080 + HE Pro Pedals + OSW 20NM Direct Drive + Custom MOMO Open Cut Wheel with carbon paddles and buttons

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