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Flaps not working in flight

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I am having exactly the same issue as reported in the L-39 forum...





Flaps can be set on ground, but not once airborne.  


Have made a few landings with emergency flaps, but that control now jettisons the flaps and rolls the aircraft onto its back

I’m flying in the free trial at the mo, but presumably all the module files are the same. Have deleted and re-downloaded, but still the same 😞


Was working ok when I originally downloaded the trial module. Don’t have any HOTAS key bindings for flaps at the mo, but timing of the issue is about when I set the air brake to one of the throttle buttons

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Hi, please include a short track replay. 


from the manual:


Flaps The L-39С has large mechanical double-slotted flaps on the wings. Their purpose is to improve takeoff and landing characteristics of the airplane by increasing lift and partly the wing area. The flaps are controlled by three buttons, located on the left panel in both cockpits. The top one sets the flaps to the FLIGHT 0° position, the middle one to the TAKEOFF 25° position and the bottom one to the LANDING 44° position. DCS [L-39 ALBATROS] 54 AIRCRAFT OVERVIEW The current flap position is indicated (same for both cockpits) by three indicator lights, located on the left panel near the flap control buttons. When the flaps are retracted, the top “FLIGHT” indicator light is on, when the flaps are in takeoff position, the middle “TAKEOFF” indicator light is on, and when the flaps are in landing position, the bottom “LANDING” indicator light is on. While the flaps are retracting or extending, the corresponding button is held down after being pressed. When the flaps reach the required position, the depressed button pops back to its initial position. Figure 48: Flap position indicators and control buttons Important: The flap buttons in the rear cockpit are the command ones. The pilot in the rear cockpit can override flap controls in the front cockpit! There are mechanical flap indicators, located on the upper surface of each wing, to provide visual identification of flap position. When the flaps are retracted, the mechanical pointers are hidden in the wing: after reaching TAKEOFF position, they are raised halfway and after reaching the “LANDING” position, they are fully extended. The extension time from FLIGHT 0° to TAKEOFF 25° position is (3±1) seconds. The extension time from FLIGHT 0° to LANDING 44° position is (5±1) seconds. Retraction time is the same. If the pilot in due time does not retract the flaps, they will be retracted automatically at airspeeds above 310 km/h.


Flaps Non-Extension Symptoms: • Signal lamp, indicating that flaps are extended, is off • Flaps extension button does not return to initial position Actions: • Check speed, it should not exceed 310 km/h (at speed of 310 km/h flaps extension is blocked) • Set horizontal flight speed of 280 km/h • Deflect emergency flaps extension handle on the right panel in front or rear cockpit back If, due to some reasons, flaps extension is failed (main and emergency systems failures, combat damages), land with retracted flaps. Glideslope speed should be within 250-270 km/h. Glide path should be shallow.


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