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Quick question - The Museum relic

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I flew this campaign 6 or 7 months ago and I enjoyed it very much.

I think the campaign worked as intended with me (and I cannot really remember major flaws or bugs related to updates, for example).

Radio management was still a PITA, to be honest, but at least, the knee-board allows for an easy reading of the actual frequencies (I'm sure you knew it but just in case...)


The only downside (depending on your personal taste) is the fictional and not so credible background (however, the background is detailed and very much enjoyable as such). But the missions offer a lot of variety and surprises. And you can fly the mission with the F-86 as well.


I'm not aware of other campaigns involving the MiG-15 but there should be some developed here and there (not commercial I mean).

I wish there were more campaigns dedicated to the early and 3rd gen MiGs (15, 19, 21).

Please close the sound barrier when you leave.

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Thanks for the info. Yeah, i absolutely love early jet era and would definitely spend money on some map, planes and campaigns of the period, there is still no sim that properly covers that.

We have sims for WW1, WW2 and late Cold war era but some 50's and 60's would be real nice!

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