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Spitfire engine off - weird on time bug - AI spiralling non-stop without going down

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I'm kind of sorry for this bug report, it may be not helpful at all since it will lack reproductibility and debug info (I didn't record the track unfortunately, all I can provide is the tacview file), but I prefer to have it logged in case someone else has seen the same behavior.

Context : The Big Show campaign, mission 1

After the big dogfight, one of the AI Spitfire on it's way RTB got shot multiple times by a Anton, on the tip of the left wing only. It triggered somehow an engine failure, which made the Anton give up the chase (or maybe he was out of ammo).

After the engine seized, the Spitfire began spiralling non stop, without ever losing speed or altitude, while its engine was off.


Link to Tacview file : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r5U_S8ZGdWaxttkzHti81VitN50q1ccp/view?usp=sharing

Faulty unit is Brutus #5, it gets shot at around the 14:10 mark, and begins spiralling shortly after

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Track details info

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