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Unusual and fun things you can do in DVS VR

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The other day I was playing that other pretty flight sim that currently seems to be flavour of the month and I'm fortunate that, the way my setup is, I have a lot of open space behind where I sit and the back wall of my room, so I'm able to do silly things like stick the plane on autopilot, get up out of my seat, walk behind my chair and through to the passenger cabin of, for example, the business jet, pretend I'm sat in one of the passenger seats and gaze out the window watching the world fly by. The feeling is amazingly realistic and strangely therapeutic. (I'm surprised someone hasn't already uploaded a YouTube video doing, what seems to me, to be such an obvious thing to try.)

Anyway, I decided to try a similar thing in DCS. The only aircraft I could really think of that you can do something like this in is the Mi-8 and the Huey. So I fired up the Mi-8, went for a flight over Syria, got it trimmed out and went for a wonder around the rear cargo compartment. It was amazing! Yes, the textures are a bit low quality because it obviously wasn't originally intended to be shown this way, but the immersion is fantastic, you can really feel the scale and space of being in the back of the aircraft. And if you open the side doors, it's just brilliant sticking your head out of the side, seeing the rotor blades spinning overhead or the ground rushing along below. You can almost feel the rush of the wind! I tried also opening the rear clamshell doors but they wouldn't open in flight, I don't know if that's normal. They did open when parked on the ramp and even that was pretty cool, being able to peer down the length of the aircraft and out through the open doors at the back. It got me thinking, if the Mi-8 had multi-crew implementation similar to the Huey, imagine a full VR crew where your have door gunners, or even someone manning the winch station in the back, calling out instructions to the pilot in the hover, trying to drop off or pick up some cargo. Or a full team of combined arms soldiers, all in VR, ready to jump into action out of the back of the aircraft! It would be fantastic fun.

Has anyone else done any other unusual things in DCS VR other than just sit in a cockpit, or think of any other cool uses it could maybe be used for in the future? 

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