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Hi everyone! 

I'm trying to create a campaign that allows the player to pick from various airframes, however I can't find a way to have the mission end when the aircraft controlled by the client gets destroyed. I used UNIT DEAD, but as soon as the mission starts, the sim marks the client as dead and the mission ends 30 seconds later. I believe it's marking all the unoccupied aircraft as "dead" and that's why it ends the mission instantly.


Does any of you guys know a way I can make this work? 

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Hi, you can use flags to mark the spawn of client in each possible airframe, then in your conditions to end the mission you add this flag being true (or equal to value in my exemple) to the death of client airframe (mission won't end if client has not spawned first before dying).

Here a little exemple mission in caucasus with FC3 client slots (the client airframe you choose is automatically destroyed 5 sec after spawn to test end of mission trigger)


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Couple of ideas...

1.  Try the trigger Unit NOT in Zone (create a large zone first) to end the mission

2.  Try using cockpit gauges to trigger the end of mission - like mph, or fuel pressure, or rpm, etc. to end the mission

3.  Maybe Unit Life less than 1% would also work.

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