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F16 export Arguments

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Hello DCS Community !


I'm the author of the program F4TS https://f4toserial.com/ wich is as program allow people to export data form Falcon BMS for their own cockpit.


I'm trying to make the program compatible with DCS World using Export.lua.


I recently get in F16 module and i'm loocking for the list of all arguments of the cockpit  like gauges value, light (on /off), displays value (DED) and 7 segments value (UHF etc..)

I understood that i need to edid the cockpit model using ModelViewer2 to get the list of arguments. 

My problem is that with using the ModelViewer2 :

1) the list can't be fitered and i need to test each argument step by step (more than 500 args...) to find which one is where ! 
2) And when i found a intersting arguments (RPM gauge for instance), (not a push button or toggle switch) i can't get the format of the value : Float ? interger ? min value, Max value ...


Do you know a better way to get theses informations of and get a list of this DCS module arguments ? 


Thank for you help !

Take care of you all guys !

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5 hours ago, freebirddz said:

Hello, it used to exist a software for that, but I don't test it if it still working :

check in here , https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/1797654/



Thank you.

but unfortunatelly this tool doesn't work anymore. 

The Cockpit 3D model format have changed to new one EDM and i already contacted the author. He told me that due to the new format, he stop maintain this tool and he can't help us.







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That SAD, create tool

For arguments they are user's implementation, perhaps for FC3 modules they seem to be same, but the are different from a module to an other, perhaps for ED they try to make them same.

For the list i am afraid that you have to do the job manually.

The type of value is Float -1.0 to 1.0, in game and Integer in the 3D max animations -100 to 100.

check the links below :




Have fun and, Good luck






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