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Losing tail at 230-250kts

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I purchased the P-47D this weekend. After T/O w/no loadout, cleaning up the gear etc and setting the power as I head through 225 kts the A/C beginnings to vibrate passing though 220 and then violently in lvl flight while passing through 225/230 kts in a gentle turn then the tail suddenly shears off. I tried this several times, clean, straight-n-lvl, no G's and the same thing occurs between the speed range of 230 to 250 kts.

I've check the forums and the manual and can't seem to nail down what I'm doing wrong or if this is some kind of bug.


Any ideas?



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4 hours ago, razo+r said:

Do you have the cowl flaps open? They should be closed at 225mph


Also, having the taxi light extended also adds shaking to the aircraft.


And a thread with the same issue: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/255763-track-needed-new-update/


I'll be darned, the cowl flaps I did not close nor retract the landing light as I didn't extend it thus didn't think to retract. I'll go through it again and see how it goes , thank you very much for your quick response.


Addendum:  It was the cowls flaps as you described. All is good now. Thanks again.

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