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Magnetic Headings / Mission Planner / Aircraft (HUD/Real world) / Caucus map

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Hi all 


Having completed a number of basic navigation exercises in the AV-8 and F-5, there seems to an error of about 5-6 degrees between real world lat / long calculations and the DCS Caucus map. 


The best example I can give is in this video.




Note : This Still air so heading equal tracks. 


The planned route is shown at minute 10:06 using CombatFlite. Note the Magnetic Headings

The author has overwritten the Mag Heading figures in the table to compensate for 'real world figures' at 29:00 - The lat / long is detailed. 

These Mag Hdg figures are also corrected on the map at 30:54.


I’ve checked the true geometric bearing between waypoint 2 and 3 and it’s about 53.5 degrees TRUE. (A number of websites can do this calculation) 

The variation in Anapa is 7 deg E. That would match up with 46 Mag Hdg from CombatFlite shown at 10:06. 


However, the DCS planner RULER tool shown shows about 51 degrees between Waypoints 2 & 3. So there seems to be a 2-3 degree error between the mission planner true bearing and true geometric bearing. Can you check this?


Also, I’ve just hovered over waypoint 2 in an AV-8 (The AV-8 was used at it has a HUD indication of heading to next WPT) and the hud bug indication is also -3 degrees degrees out. This is a little odd. In have checked the Mag Var values in the aircraft using the MFD DATA page (it shows 6 deg east but changing it has no effect on the HUD).


The end result of the above means that if you use TRACKS calculated from LAT / LONG coordinates , you would be about '-5' degrees out in the DCS Caucus world. This seems to match the edited headings of about -6 degrees in the video! 


When I flew a similar mission in an F-5 I was always to the right on each leg so it may not be an aircraft specific issue.


Could you have look at the DCS planner / Caucus map and check?


Thanks for all your efforts. 



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Seeing similar behaviour in syria map.

2D is fine, problem seems to exist only in VR.


Center mass of the building on the right in the editor:




Center mass of the building on the right in flight(2D):





Center mass of the building on the right in flight(VR):




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