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OB .59625


Is the max takeoff weight for the P51 correct? I have seen several sources that list max weight for the D model at 12,000+ pounds. But in the ME, max weight is 10,500, which means you are over weight if you try to take a full compliment of HVARS, or almost any amount of fuel.


Or am I reading this wrong?




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On 1/7/2021 at 4:34 PM, NineLine said:

You are seeing the total max weight of what is currently loaded on the aircraft, if you add or remove something, it will change.




I am referring to Max Weight. That would be the 10,580 figure in the first box. I am aware that the second box is the total weight of the aircraft. In this image, I am already overweight, with only 6 rockets and 65% fuel. If I were to increase the load to 6 rockets, 2 bombs and 100% fuel, the aircraft Total weight would be just shy of 12,000lbs. Which is within limits according to sources, but in the ME, it would show as over max weight and the counter would show me as 113% (in red.)


To be fair, the aircraft will still take off in this configuration. It's hairy, but it'll do it. But if you don't know that, you would see what the ME shows and think it could not.



If this is intentional, it's confusing. If this is wrong in *my* system, where is the "error" coming from?



going on a diet.miz

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