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List of known multicrew issues ?

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Can we get a list of known multicrew issues from ED, so we know what to report and what not ?

Things I've noticed include:

  • Switches, keys, knobs flipping back to previous position (highly annoying, something which was not present, when the MC was first shown earlier in 2020). Seems like the higher the ping, the worse is the issue. 
  • DC Generator Master Caution lit up for co-pilot, until he takes control.
  • Gyro-compass sometimes desynced by couple of degrees.
  • Pilot in Control's flying inputs on axis window, as well ass in helicopter sometimes sporadic 

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Everybody gotta be offended and take it personally now-a-days

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I believe the below have been reported and responded to as well...

  • Left and Right gunners have sights fixed to VR head movement. Please have an option for this to be disabled! (Makes using in VR extremely difficult).
  • Other Net players can change seats, but pilot #1 can not (Is handy when solo and I need to jump to Right Hand seat to use sights on the minigun. Also will allow another pilot to 'take over' so the original pilot can disconnect but it doesn't kick everyone.
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I have a problem in VR. When somebody request to join, I can't find the 'dot' mouse cursor to click accept, the dot cursor just doesn't seem to be active.

Sometimes I can open a comms menu which seems to enable the 'dot' cursor, but other times not.


Why can't we just have one mouse cursor in VR? It's so confusing when they seem to be in different locations from each other and sometimes invisible.

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