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How to prevent the Awacs from detecting the neutral coalition ?

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Hello everyone and happy new year ! :wavetowel:


Do you know how to prevent AWACS from reporting to me all planes that belong to the neutral coalition? Whenever I do a mission where I put civilian planes in a neutral coalition, and bandits the AWCS does not distinguish one from the other it signals me both as being bogey, therefore as threats, or I would like to find a way so that he only indicates to me the bandits, would you know if it is possible ? :happy:


Thanks for your help :grin:

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2 hours ago, toutenglisse said:

You can set all neutral planes to invisible, this way they will be ignored by awacs ?

Thanks for your answer ! :grin:


Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work, AWACS still detects it, I ended up finding a temporary solution, using the MOOSE script: https://github.com/FlightControl-Master/MOOSE/blob /master/Moose%20Development/Moose/Functional/RAT.lua I put the civil planes in question in invisible with the script and it works the AWACS does not detect them any more. :happy:


They are always displayed on my radar so it's great! :phone:

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