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DCS Motion picture-Big Screen!! Hollywood!

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I wish that DCS would or could.. make a movie. Sort of like the old Tron movie. A virtual fighter squadron of young fighter pilots would somehow become lost and fall into DCS world and be in the fight for their life.

Just a wishful thought....



I think they probably need to focus their time on the works in progress. 

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You'd only be able to watch part of it before the cinema needs updating . . . . :rotflmao:

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On 1/5/2021 at 1:59 PM, MiG21bisFishbedL said:

I hate to be a stick in the mud, but a bunch of kids getting pulled into a video game ala Monster Rancher seems at odds with DCS's focus on realism.

Yeah.... pretty well said, but ...by today's standards... kids are also much more realistic especially with today's technology.  And I was thinking maybe a little older than kids, more like teenagers in a more adult mentality.  With today's technologies, it's kind of the same affect difference between the Top Gun vs Top Gun II.

That's a night n day difference n script and technology used as well.

Done right.. think of how big DCS world could become as it would attract millions of people who don't even know about DCS world.

Your point is very accurate and well said though... That's not really what I had in mind either... I agree my friend.

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On 1/6/2021 at 11:42 AM, statrekmike said:

Something tells me that such a movie would not be terribly watchable. 

Point well taken. The effect to that equation though would be in the hands of a good script writer and how much money could be used to produce such a film, actors used technology available.   DCS would need someone to help them in Hollywood and want to run with the idea.   And...from what I'm seeing.. Hollywood is running out of ideas and remakes, even though my idea stems from "Tron"

I'm really looking forward to the Top Gun II film. There will be great FA18 flight scenes and most likely have a good script tailing off of the last saga.  Makes it interesting.  A DCS movie idea with a Global script... The script storyline would make or break. I think it could be really cool given the fact of doing it right. Not low budget film project. It would be also very difficult as you would need Russian Aircrafts most likely. None of the movies made hardly have the Soviets working with it as well, in the same respect you have the US NAVY working with Hollywood in TG II. Yeah... just a little dreamy idea.... right out of a video game... Oops.. "I mean Flight sim"!

On 1/3/2021 at 12:34 PM, garyscott said:

You'd only be able to watch part of it before the cinema needs updating . . . . :rotflmao:

"True True"   ;p)

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There will be a movie in the future which features Falcon 4 Allied Forces and DCS. That movie is called "THE INTERCEPT!" But it is not like Tron lol.



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