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Ottoman Courier M5 minor bug

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Hi BD, (unsure which is the right subforum to report issues w/ OC minicampaign ?) 

I found a small issue inM5 : the medevac truck clips the tail of the medevac Huey and destroys it 🙂  Moving WP4 of truck BAT_Med_Transport3 a few meters north works fine.


I might also have run over one of the drivers of the fuel trucks, trying to takeoff and trigger the next event, so be aware that impatient pilots may cause mission-blocking things, with one or several wingmen remaining stuck on the tarmac. You might want to put a fuel truck in front of the player too ? (can't do anything for VTO, though 😄 )


Great miniseries, I liked it a lot. Would love to have some more missions.   And I love the harrier ! ❤️ 

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