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quickstart into F5 for campaigns

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Hi Guys,

hopefully someone can assist with my query.  i bought the F5 so i could go through the ACM tutorials, i thought it would be  a good learning experience.  With all my other aircraft i can just hop in and fly virtually straight away, with the F5 i have to do weight calculations and trim settings before i take off otherwise the plane is difficult to control.

if i am just doing the tutorials, is there  a default set of setting i can use?  for the purpose of the tutorials i wont need a weapons loadout, i just want to learn the manoeuvres, generally i am very time poor, so i prefer not to have to dedicate the time to learning all this stuff, after going through these tutorials i wont use the F5 again, so i dont want to put too much time into it




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the F5 is really really simple to start and fly

happy to try and help with any questions


honestly I set my trip almost all the way up, regardless of loadout

had to see in there but i'ts somewhere around 10-11 oclock


make sure the Air Brake is off because it's default is extended on a cold start (left ctrl +B)

and once you're on the runway, click the nose wheel extender to get a few extra degrees


I take off with full flaps,

rotate and hold it at that 10 degrees and she'll lift off


i switch to auto flaps,

and then start trimming down as the speed increases


you have to keep trimming down as your speed goes up

that's the whole thing with this plane,

trim trim trim


mine is on the joystick hat switch, and the arrow keys

makes it very convenient 


there are great youtube videos you can watch on cold start tutorial, weapons, etc;

doesn't take a lot of time


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