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Grom not following fixed beam?

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i can lock the ground, the radar screen shows that i locked something, but when i fire the grom, it goes dumb. Anyone else having this issue in MP?

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FC3, M-2000C, Mig-21bis, F-5E, AJS-37 Viggen, F/A-18C, KA-50, Mi-8, F-14A&B, JF-17

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Being able to "lock" the fixed beam to a point on the ground (or anything else) is not a realistic feature and has kind of carried over from the module's origins. In real life, you have to hold the reticle on the target and make whatever corrections necessary to the aircraft's attitude to maintain that point of aim. The missile will go where your nose goes, that's why it's called a 'fixed beam' and why the weapon was neither popular nor widely used (and in our case, we were given a 'what if' scenario because the bis' radar was incompatible with it).


As far as I'm aware the realistic ASP feature only prevents the gyro pipper from magically slaving to IR missile seekers or locked radar targets.

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Being able to "lock" the fixed beam to a point on the ground (or anything else) is not a realistic feature and has kind of carried over from the module's origins...

So, the first method (as mentioned in the relevant training mission) is a kind of a cheat? That's good to know. I had already checked the "realistic..." box under special. Although checked, I can still successfully employ the missile following both methods in the training mission (that's kind of weird). In the campaign however, I notice the following: following the first method, the pipper doesn't lock on the ground (that's normal) but the green lock light illuminates (is this normal?). When I'm following the second method (no lock) the missile always falls short. I'm confused...

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On 2/1/2021 at 3:06 AM, Razor68 said:

Not working for me either, the radar will not even lock and the missile is not going where the pipper is aiming.

Turn the fixed net on, there are 3 little crosses on it, the bottom one, which is the smallest, that is where the missile will go. It has always been that way, only difference is, pipper used to be on it too, not for some reason it is somewhere above, which is probably a bug. But I've used it about 3 weeks ago, apart from having to guide it not to pipper but to bottom "x" on the fixed sight, it worked fine. Locking wasn't working, but I didn't mind as I almost never used it with lock.


MiG-21Bis, Fw-190D, Bf-109K, P-51D, F-86F, Ka-50, UH-1H, Mi-8MTV2, Hawk T1A, C-101, FC3, A-10C, CA, Mirage 2000C, Gazelle, L-39, MiG-15Bis, F-5E, AJS 37 Viggen, Yak-52, Christen Eagle II, MiG-19, I-16, JF-17, F-14, F/A-18C, Fw-190A8, AV-8B/NA, Spitifre IX



A-4E, MB-339, Edge 540


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Combined Arms, NS 430 GPS

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Fixed beam is 1.5 degrees depressed which is the lower X. It is recommended to either use the fixed net X or to set the pipper manually to the same position.


When you set the sight for Kh-66 delivery it is identical to S-24 rocket delivery so pipper position should be identical. In DCS it is not but if sight did assume Kh-66 was S-24 it would not be usable in practice anyway. Because Kh-66 is not usable by RP-22 radar in reality it is impossible to say what is realistic or not.


Locking works fine for me. This is Kh-66 on stations 1-2 and ready to fire.


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