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AI Cat launches super slow

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Can't provide a track as they never save properly. But you can simply recreate using these steps.


1. Place a super carrier on the map with one waypoint (moving at the default speed)

2. Place an F14B and E2 to take off from runway on the carrier. I use a group of two F14Bs taking off from Cats 2 and 3.

3. The E2 should taxi from one of the left rear spaces so it launches from cat 3. This can be acheived by blocking its default parking position with static jets

4. Observe slow take off by F14s and E2. They are practically at stall speed when leaving the deck.

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Just take a screenshot of the info bar airspeed data on the jet in question in the f2 view and post it.

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Are you sure this isn't just a visual illusion?  I mean, these planes ARE going off the deck pretty slow - not right at stall speed but not with a huge margin either, right?  Then, remember that if you're watching this from the deck of a carrier moving at 30kts, there's 30kts less relative motion between you and the climbing aircraft than there would be if you were on an airfield.  So maybe they just look slow?  You could watch again from a stationary carrier and see if it looks more normal to you... 

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I've watched countless player and AI cat launches, and the AI does look much slower and their nose attitude is way higher than player aircraft. Particularly with the Tomcat. I haven't compared speeds through the Infobar but it would be an interesting experiment to look into. 

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