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Re-skinning from the official B52G template. Nothing but errors...

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Hi all, so I have been trying to create some basic reskins from the DCS template by turning off and on certain layers to change the tail/unit designations and resave and export the files to put into their individual livery folders. So I created the 4 units 69th, 93rd, 96th and 343rd; I also used model viewer 2 to create a basic LUA file for each folder/texture but only the first folder/livery for the 69th showed up and this livery still wont let me turn off the default markings (still with the new ones underneath). I have been watching tutorials for skinning but I cannot find anything covering how to write the description.lua file to turn off the defaults.


So here is what the model viewer created:

livery = {
    {"texture B-52_Okras.bmp f2 g0",    DIFFUSE            ,    "B-52_Okras", false};
    {"texture b-52_okras.bmp f2050 g0",    DIFFUSE            ,    "B-52_Okras", false};
    {"texture parashut.tga f2 g0",    DIFFUSE            ,    "parashut", false}; 
    {"texture LONGER-DAMAG.bmp f2 g0",    DIFFUSE            ,    "LONGER-DAMAG", false};
    {"texture USAF.tga f2 g0",    DIFFUSE            ,    "USAF", false};
    {"texture c130-fon+flag.bmp f2 g0",    DIFFUSE            ,    "c130-fon+flag", false};
    {"texture nomera.tga f2 g0",    DIFFUSE            ,    "nomera", false};
    {"texture BANO.tga f0 g0",    DIFFUSE            ,    "BANO", false};
    {"texture BANO.tga f0 g0",    SELF_ILLUMINATION    ,    "BANO", false};
    {"texture DAMAGE_All.tga f2 g0",    DIFFUSE            ,    "DAMAGE_All", false};
    {"texture DAMAGE_All.tga f2050 g0",    DIFFUSE            ,    "DAMAGE_All", false};
    {"texture HOLES_All.tga f2 g0",    DIFFUSE            ,    "HOLES_All", false};
 I changed all but the first two false arguments to true and it picks up the new texture but still won't turn off the default markings.  

Is this template just too old for 2.5 or am I just doing it all wrong? Any help is very much appreciated. Cheers, Scotty.




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I'd recommend reaching out to Easypeac3. He's done quite a few skin reworks on AI Assets including the Buffs...




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For turning off default markings you should use the official empty.dds (invisible) texture at : nomera, c130-fon+flag and USAF lines - with true "syntax"
 {"texture USAF.tga f2 g0",                    DIFFUSE            ,    "empty", true};
 {"texture c130-fon+flag.bmp f2 g0",    DIFFUSE           ,     "empty", true};
 {"texture nomera.tga f2 g0",                 DIFFUSE            ,     "empty", true};

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