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Auxiliary gunsight and bombs

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Hi there,


Can someone confirm the method to employ dumb bombs with the auxiliary gunsight?


The manual does not detail its operation, it actually says the only method of releasing bombs in the mirage is CCIP or CCRP.  But it has been stated to me that all aircraft have an "iron sight" method of releasing bombs, similarly to how you would with the F5.


My method:

* I loaded up with 8 x MK82 Snakeeyes

* Switch on the auxiliary gunsight with the HAUSSE switch.

* Set the depression for 150 with the HAUSSE knob which is approximately correct for 420knts and 600ft release altitude

* Select radio altimeter, on the altimeter switch selector.

* Switch on radio altimeter, with the radio altimeter switch.

* select BF1 on the PCA

* TAS/RS should not be relevant -- should they be disabled?

* Set the fusing to ret on the PPA, set the quantity to 8, and the interval to 6.

* Master arm on.


When overflying the target, depressing and holding the trigger, the bombs do not release.


The only method I have found to get the bombs to release, is to press WPNCMD FWD, to enable CCIP, then press WPNCMD REAR more, to disable CCIP and bring back up the aux gunsight, now the bombs will release as expected.


Can anyone advise, is there a method to correctly employ the bombs with the aux gunsight?  Is my method correct and is this a bug?



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