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Su-57: Russian Stealth Strike Fighter

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22 hours ago, TotenDead said:

У них схожая компоновка - жирный, не слишком обтекаемый фюзеляж с небольшим крылом

Compared to other 5 gen fighters - yes, sluggish brick

How do you know that? 😏 IT'S not what 's usually done by regular pilots, but that was on MAKS and was performed Just to show off a little


MAKS is not on Earth, MAKS and the TIGERMEET are at THE JOCKS PLAYGROUND! It is unsafe to pop the chute before landing in an SU57 or any other aircraft type.

You will not find that place on Earth.



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22 hours ago, Riojano said:


The F35 is getting new tech it will kick ass with the new upgrades.(DAVID FRENCH will be foiled again!)




Look at this David French lol, I really like this performance in something from a certain persons Hangar.(someone had to strip it down and rebuild it to get this good)



And of course the Pedal Turn which I call the Pirouette.




Now the F35 kicks ass.



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