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Best air to air planes to buy for online PvP?

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I already have the A10cII, viggen and Huey so I can do lot of ground attacks.


But I really want to try my hand at air to air offline and online later when I get more experience.


I was looking at the mirage but I was told it has limited range say Vs f14,16 and 18.


So I guess I need to a more modern fighter to play online with?


Leaning towards f18 or f16


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9 minutes ago, sirPecka said:

If you don't mind low fidelity, then F-15 is a very good weapon platform. JF-17 is also surprisingly good.

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Sorry I forgot to say I have the flaming cliffs bundle but never really used them much because I don't know if there used much online and none toggle cockpits.

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The best right now in DCS is the F16C or the F14 if you use it well due to the phoenix. So if its A2A what you want that is your choice.


That is talking about high fidelity fighters, if you don't mind FC3 you have the F15C which is the real king of A2A although is handicapped by its lack of link16 due to the low fidelity nature of FC3, not because the real plane does not have one. So if you want something to start you can already use the F15C, it will let you work on your SA without aid tools like link 16, other than that it has all you need to succeed: huge weapon load, combat persistance thanks to the fuel, massive acceleration and thrust, and massive chaff load to stay  long enough in the OA, also easy to use and operate radar (which is underperforming in DCS while the F16/F18 are overperforming as of now).

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the f14 does amazing a2g, has a huge a2g payload, and is super lethal a2a.

my 2 cents

and you can fly with a person in it with you.

its also way more fleshed out than the f16 - and if you have the viggen you know the quality HB brings

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