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TPOD Question LTIP

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Im currently learning the AV8B and im playing with the TPOD, my Question is, what exactly does LTIP do? The Forum search had no results so im creating a new Topic here. Ive googled it and ive found something with "Laser Target Image Processing" but did not understand anything. Thanks

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I've been wondering this myself.


It appears to give a flashing 'R' in place of the 'D' on the HUD that usually flashes to indicate that the TPOD is designating with its laser.


In the absence of other info, I suspect it is either a 'ranging only' mode for the TPOD, or is doing something that requires accurate ranging. 


As JDAMs off the harrier in TOO mode are somewhat.. unpredictable at the best of times, I've been unable to determine if LTIP gives a more accurate result.

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LTIP is a separate imaging mode that fires the 1570nm EYES laser and presents a picture-in-picture image of the target based on the laser reflections.


While the EYES laser is firing, it also performs rangefinding functions. 


The picture-in-picture component of LTIP isn't modeled, but rangefinding is.

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So do you need it as part of the TOO JDAM process or is that accurately ranged automatically or by designating for a few seconds?


Honestly more interested in the sim implementation rather than IRL (if they vary). 

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