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P47 as soon is airborne cannot use Vaicom

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I am trying in the freeflight the P47, and planing to buy it, but I found an issue that none of my other planes has. 

The Vaicom is working great on ground. As soon as the plane is airborne, even some inches from ground the Vaicom ptt voices are not recognized in DCS. If I land again, the Vaicom is recognized in DCS.

No other modules (I have almost all) do the same behaviour. Tried to remove the SRS option. Same problem


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Still the matter I believe? 


I'm fairly new to the Jug but not to VAICOM. The VAICOM cmds have a roughly 2 - 3 Minutes delay as I figured today.


So still no other option as to turn easy coms on?

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For me, this remains true in all of the WW2 fighters.

All I have to do to test it is start an instant action mission with a WW2 fighter and try to talk to my wingman: "Two, engage bandits."

If I don't have easy comms on, there is no response.

With easy comms on, the wingman responds immediately.


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