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Accurate as can be F-16C Tutorials

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Hey everyone,                                                                                                              I WILL UPDATE THIS REGULARLY WITH WHAT I AM WORKING ON NEXT


Just making a quick post to inform all the Viper drivers that I have started a more advanced tutorial series for the F-16C in DCS.  So far I have gotten through the start-up, which is by what I have seen one of the most accurate and detailed videos on starting up the F-16C, I also just got done with a Taxi and Take-off video and I am currently working on the landing video. I am going to do a separate video going over more advanced portions of taking off and landing (i.e. taking off and landing with an asymmetric loads and belly landings). The videos I have currently made have already gotten a good reaction which is why I am making this post. My videos are aimed towards beginners and are even for people who have been flying the F-16 in DCS since release but even if you have been flying since release you might still learn something new. If you watch any of my videos please feel free to correct something that you feel is incorrect or feel that it should be added. I know there are a bunch of tutorials and I have just about watched them all and none of them go into as much detail as mine so I feel that what I am offering is new and refreshing especially if you want to operate and fly the F-16 to as close to its real life counter part as possible. So check out the link below if you want to.


DISCLAIMER: I am not a real-world fighter pilot by any means but due to my job as a Weapons Troop (AKA: Load Toad or 2W1) I have the amazing opportunity to talk with real-world fighter pilots of F-16s, F-15s, and even the F-22 (current jet I load on) and F-35. This opportunity allows me to cross reference a lot of info to make my videos as accurate as possible but yet easy to follow for even the newest of FNGs.  


Edit 20201224 - Landing Tutorial Released (Tried a different Resolution for phones)

       20201224 - A2G Dumb Bombs INW




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My setups: Alienware 17 R5 / GTX 1080 OC / i9 8950HK 5GHz / 32GB RAM / SAMSUNG 250GB M.2 / SAMSUNG 500GB M.2 / 1TB HDD / 1440p 120Hz G-Sync Display


Pre-Built PC from CyberPower: GPU-Zotac RTX 2070 / CPU- AMD RYZEN 2700X @ 3.7GHz / 16 GB RAM (Adata XPG) / 240 GB SSD / 2 TB HDD / 500 M.2 / Monitors: 32" 4K Samsung and 27" LG 4k HDR / TM Warthog HOTAS / TM Cougar MFD's / TM TFRP Rudder Pedals / TrackIR

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