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How to participate in Free To Play week

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OK, I know I've been able to get through this in the past, but i'm drawing a blank.  How do I access the modules for the free-to-play period?  Only option I have on-screen is to buy the module.  Took it until it was asking me for a credit card without seeing a trial button.


Thanks for the help!


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From the newsletter:

Our Winter Sale 2020 has started and will run until the 11th of January. On Steam, the sale will start on the 22nd of December and end on the 5th of January. We are pleased to announce an additional ‘Free to Play’ period starting on the 22nd of December, giving you access to all aircraft and terrains from our e-Shop and Steam for two weeks.


The modules will just appear in the module manager for download when you start DCS sometime tomorrow. There is no need to do anything on the webpage.

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OK thanks !

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19 minutes ago, Shuenix said:

I hope you are good at it, cause heli's and warbirds can be a challenge. Good luck.


Well my first plane was the F14 and a XBOX Controller, which can also be very challenging. Without any knowledge of airplanes or sim. But that’s the great about Free for All, if it’s to hard or no fun to learn it, I will skip that part of DCS. Or I will try it again next year.

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5 minutes ago, awe-sk said:

The free to play should be enabled and i dont see any option to try the modules... as baylor703 wrote...only option is to buy. How to particape on free play period ?  Thanks in advance. 

Just open dcs. Download modules. No webpage. 

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Well...i will try. But for now i am not sure how to download modules in DCS. I am using steam version. There is no module manager as in standanlone version.  Right now i am downloading some update so i will try in cca 20 minutes if i works somehow. 

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