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Red Flag BFM Gun / Missile Tools and Options


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Wish List Item:


ACMTO |Air Combat Manoeuvring Training Option

This Wish List Item is for an Air Combat Maneuvering Option that would allow Users the option to conduct

non-destructive BFM. Meaning record BFM kills without actually shooting each other down.


How it can be done currently

Currently this can be achieved by setting the player to be indestructible (immortal) with unlimited weapons, This works fine but players can't mort themselves when they make a mistake. So things like collisions and other mishaps are not recorded.


Basic Overview of the Idea

In this request the user while playing against another user or AI can employ a VAAWS | Virtual  Air to Air Weapons System  that will record hits and misses as well is weight changes (optional) as users may just need to carry inerts or just the ACMI pod. 


After Kills are recorded with impact of a VAAWS the jets are steer-point que'd to fly back to the reset point and fights on again. 


Implementation Ideas & Features

This could be mission a editor selectable set of options or a special ACM / BFM editor mode. 

In this mode AI jets can take off from the same location as the advisory aircraft fly and orbit the training airspace and call when it position.


Inside the editor in ACM mode the user set the floor, (which would be great as it will stop from having dogfights 10 feet off the deck due to poor altitude management.


The type of dogfight setup like one circle or two circle setups as well as respawn points which could show up as labels or HUD ques.

After Knock off flight return to base or tanker as fuel management is also part of the tasking.


Within the ACM / BFM mode the user has a special radio menu that allows them to call fights on /knock it off , reset and so on. 

This Mainly to control the AI so that players can call them off and end the training sortie and RTB.


Also It would be neat for Human wingman training as well, Wingmen VS AI setup and son on. . 


Currently inside of DCS most of these things can be achieved  with the combination of settings and mission editor tasking.



Brief Reason for the Request

Finally brief reasoning for the this idea  / request. Simply it fits DCS. It also adds a powerful training element to DCS and especially gives the  Nevada map more purpose. Training evolutions can and would yield more results or players by allowing  BFM setup without mission restarts and it also allows the users to do other training within the same sortie like refuelling, landing, formation, practice and so on.


Just some ideas


My mission is to fly, fight, and win. o-:|:-o What I do is sometimes get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it, serve that with a pork pie sausage roll.

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+1. For a number of reasons. One as someone who is looking to do some multi player after a long time single player, I would love the opportunity to train/practice without having to reset if I lose. Two, its something real fighter pilots do, alot. And I would love training missions, and red flag campaigns to actually be training, and red flag/Top Gun. I for one would gladly play through a red flag campaign before staring a dynamic campaign. I think the training side of DCS could actually be pretty fun. 

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Yes this all stems from a real world syllabus. Regeneration back into the fight really gives the Nevada map purpose. 
Currently I make missions where I fly into a CAP or Sweep to engage in BFM.  But AI with missiles you have to set up weps free triggers

so they won't shoot your down before the merge.


Also when you watch videos from DCS users trying to explain what they think is actual BFM is which I have yet to see a good video that really

captures true BFM they are always gun fights. That burn all the Fuel up and end up 10 meters off the deck. That ain't BFM.


That is WW2 fun time with WW3 hardware if that happen in real life.


The Plus for a system like this is that Merge points could be setup allowing for missiles fights which should be over in less than 3 minutes and

not some twisted furball going on for 20+ mins.


The pilots would be noodle neck, arms and legs in  real life.


But all that aside. It would make a good addon. 


I am also looking to get into some online play again. Hit me up and maybe we can play sometimes.



My mission is to fly, fight, and win. o-:|:-o What I do is sometimes get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it, serve that with a pork pie sausage roll.

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