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ME Crash/Bug in the Persian Gulf Map, gray right side menu.


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1.) I was creating a mission in the Persian Gulf, clicked the plane icon on the left to place a plane, and then all of the right hand side menu turned gray, if I clicked on helos only the top part was gray, I tried to place the plane, nothing happened, tried to save, the icon illuminated but nothing happened, if I did it via the top deployable menu nothing happened (Screenshot 1) and if I tried to exit either saving or not, nothing happened, finally I saw could click on every icon and they would turn blue, but I couldn't exit anyway (Screenshot 2).


2.) I don't know what caused the issue, it appeared randomly when clicking the plane icon, something you usually do when creating a mission.


3.) I haven't been able to reproduce the bug, as it's really hard to exactly replicate the conditions I pressed the button at.


4.) I was using the PG map, and I wasn't in flight.




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