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Mission 9: Possible issue with completion triggers?

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Hello. After being stuck on mission 9 a while back (no fault of the campaign, just my own ineptitude and/or bad luck), I finally picked up this campaign again to push past it.


This time events went as follows:


When the MiG-31s start to approach, for once I thought discretion was the better part of valour and chose the radio option to bug out, since I have been shot down 6 or 7 times previously and had never managed to complete the mission. As instructed, I headed towards Kutaisi and eventually the MiG-31s turned cold and left. My wingman had been shot down by a SAM while chasing the Mi-8s a little earlier.

After this point, no more instructions were received and it wasn't clear what I should have done next to complete the mission? I didn't fancy backtracking to my last waypoint just to see if I needed to hit a trigger there.


I landed (though I realised later that I hadn't extend all the way out to the last waypoint, south-west of the airfield) and thankfully passed the mission with a result of 60, so can go on to the next mission, but I didn't get the 'success' notification as normally happens. Unless that only triggers at a score of 100?


Great campaign so far in any case, thanks! 😀

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Hi Martyn, 

As long as your score is higher than 50 you'll progress in the campaign. :thumbup:

We must have just missed adding a success message for that particular option...I'll make sure to add that in to a future update.


Enjoy the rest of the campaign!

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