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Blue Angels Livery: Add the dynamic Bordnumber to the Tail

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would it be possible to add the dynamic Boardnumber to the Blue Angels Livery we have already for the Hornet?

At the moment there is no number on the tail. The Tail is just blue.


Would it be possible to add the Board number to it? Of Corse one visible digit for the number. If we add "100" to the Boardnumber there is just shown the first "1" in yellow on the blue tails. Just the first digit of the boardnumber is visible on the tail like in real life.


Thanks to take a look at this topic.


Would be cool.


Blue Angels for ever

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Would be cool to see this coming in the future.

Blue Angels without a yellow number on its tail looks "wrong"


Dynamic number on the tail would look awesome. Of course just one (the first) digit like in real life.


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Any Update on this?


Looks so gorgeous


Is it much effort to add those dynamic tail numbers?

I think its the same technical system behind it like for all the other liveries their dynamic bordnumbers.

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Unfortunately, no we cannot do that specifically with dynamic bort numbers. In the lua code for dynamic bort numbers, they are fixed to specific locations. The only way I know to have numbers that large and in those locations would be to have them as their own liveries, ex Blue Angel 1, Blue Angel 2,... 

If you'd want it like that, I or someone else could make it for you - if its not already made...

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Is there really no way do add a dynamic fied to the tail?

Couldn't the tails set up as specific location for dynamic board numbers in the lua code, too?

How does this system with the lua code works?


Have a seperate skin with each single number isnt the best solution.


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It would require the modelers to define a section of the model to use a texture file as a decal the same way the current modex numbers work. It's not something can be just coded in lua, it would require an edit of the edm.

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