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[NO BUG]IFF ODU Button not working

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After today's update the IFF ODU button doesn't work anymore. Is this intended?


*Edit* SO it seems the functionality of the ODU button is indeed working but to get the osb window options to display you have to hit on/off after pressing IFF. Then the windows are populated and each IFF mode can be colonized. But Hitting IFF first the windows are blank so it seems like its not working until you hit on/off. Not sure if this is intended behavior. Or WIP, the options are new and can selected individually unlike before.


This is during a mission with a cold start where the IFF needs to be turned on. Also it seems when the IFF is turned off with on/off and the osb windows are cleared with CLR the Situation is replicated.

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The current implementation matches what is described in the NATOPS much more closely than before (section 23.6). Pressing the IFF function selector pushbutton will toggle between displaying the transponder (XP) codes and air interrogator (AI) codes while the system on. However, it also describes that pressing the IFF function selector pushbutton should also display IFF status (ON in the far left of the scratchpad window if powered, and should automatically display the current Mode 3 code).


My interpretation of this description is that pressing the IFF pushbutton the first time should display the IFF status (if ON), and subsequent presses should switch between XP and AI modes. I may be wrong on the status window part of this, the NATOPS is sort-of contradicting itself, or I'm misinterpreting it. I'm not sure what should be displayed before the system is on.

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Yeah I could see why they would be blank on start up without power if the button has multiple pages for the ODUs. But It still confusing and I can see people getting mad or not being able to get their IFF on if they don't know. The updated manual doesn't say anything about the Push button at all. I only found out because in my cold started mission, I wasn't getting any IFF squawks so I started mashing buttons. I first thought that the button wasn't working during post start, because of the new Auto IFF for AZ/EL but It in fact still needs to be turned on like before for IFF to work.


Maybe a public service announcement is in order, either that, or its not supposed to be like that in which case this needs to be ushered over to the bugs section.



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yes, I also would love to see an explanation on how to use the IFF on UFC and a clear Explanation of what does what. 

Like, if I set codes in XP like transponder, do I manually have to switch to AI inorder to IFF some contacts? 

what squawk should I dial in in order to properly Get idented or IFFed by other planes? 

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  • BIGNEWY changed the title to [NO BUG]IFF ODU Button not working

You still have to hit the UFCD IFF and then power the system on, anything you do after that will have zero effect in game. Doesn't matter what you have colonized or what code is in what window, if the system is on its still the same side based IFF return to everybody else it was previously, and your interrogator works as it did previously as well, plus the auto IFF settings on the Az/El page.

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