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[EU TZ] VF-103 (JTF-88) looking for procedure-oriented F-14A/B crews

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VF-103 is part of JTF-88 and recruiting F-14A/B pilots and RIOs.


If you live in or near a European time zone and want to fly the TOMCAT from CVN and airfields in the most realistic manner possible within the constraints of DCS, look no further and get aboard while slots are still open.


What we offer:

  • Integration into a joint wing with the associated benefits in terms of server infrastructure, professional mission planning, combat and carrier operations,
  • operations in peacetime and wartime airspace structures adhering to real-life as closely as feasible,
  • the intent to comply not only with the provisions of the F-14A/B Flight Manuals, but also with the loadout restrictions and operating limits from the unclassified Air-to-Ground Tactical Manual as well as with the regulations of CNAF M-3710.7 and instrument flight rules,
  • ground and in-flight checks IAW the -B NATOPS pocket checklist, modified for the F-14A/B variant modelled in DCS,
  • a detailed Admin SOP which will be made available to you prior to joining, enabling you to determine whether VF-103 might be a suitable match for your gaming preferences,
  • for want of accessible F-14-related documentation and for harmonization with our F/A-18C buddies, a task-based Training & Readiness (T&R) system and Air Combat Training Continuum (ACTC) modelled after current U.S. Navy doctrine and the associated F/A-18F T&R matrix, blended with the USMC F/A-18D T&R manual for ACTC mission content and the CNATRA grading criteria and course training standards (CTS), all within the confines of what is publicly available,
  • flight logging using the OPNAV 3710-4 format translated to Google Forms, enabling automatic statistical T&R analyses,
  • a place to fly with likeminded individuals.

As we aim high but are neither perfect nor have DCS as our real-life job, for determining our CTS, squadron readiness level and activity requirements, we use the real-life requirements multiplied by a Level-of-Ambition (LoA) factor, which is currently at 50%. Furthermore, we do not implement the Navy’s 27-month phased Fleet Response Training Plan (FRTP), but presently opt for a constant 80% readiness in a 12-months cycle.


What we expect from you:

  • Possess the JTF-88 minimum requirements for joining, as made evident by submission of an .acmi or various .acmis (not required for RIOs) recorded on the Persian Gulf or Syria map showing as a minimum, in any sequence, a VFR departure from a field of your choice, a join-up to a tanker, a wet hook-up, an entry into a CVN port holding, a transition from the port holding to initial for a carrier break, a CVN landing (full stop, touch & go, bolter), a Case I departure as well as an overhead break followed by a landing at a field of your choice. Real-life airspace need not be considered.
  • Pass open-book NATOPS and instrument ground evaluations modelled after their real-life counterparts as well as a simplified BOLDFACE test prior to starting your flight indoctrination.
  • Pass our indoctrination syllabus (5 missions) before becoming a full member and moving on to JTF-88 combat missions. This syllabus mostly verifies your ability to handle the F-14 at a Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) complete level and to be able to advance to ACTC level 2 (combat wingman) in a reasonable timeframe.
  • As you advance in training, the ability and willingness to self-study additional publicly available real-life manuals as well as to prove your knowledge by passing the associated open-book quizzes (infinite retries permitted).
  • Your willingness to pass on your skills to other members by acting as instructor/evaluator for indoctrination and ACTC missions you have already completed, to include writing gradesheets using real-life templates.
  • Repeat and pass your NATOPS/INST ground and flight evaluations annually.
  • Repeat and pass the BOLDFACE test monthly.
  • The willingness to log your flights applying a minimally modified version of the real-life system. If you bring your own NAVFLIRS from another squadron, your experience and ACTC level will be considered.
  • Flight activity that keeps you within the JTF-88 minimum attendance rate (participate in at least 50% of mandatory Sunday missions on a 30-day average) as well as the quarterly, semiannual, and annual minima as established by real-life regulations, tempered by our LoA factor. With the current factor, this translates to 50 flight hours annually, 20 hours semiannually, 5 hours quarterly for pilots (plus the associated minimum number of instrument approaches etc.), and 24 hours annually, 12 hours semiannually and 5 hours quarterly for RIOs.


If you are interested, visit us on DISCORD for a chat or shoot me a PM. For some samples of what was advertised, see below.



Admin SOP - Table of contents


ACTC - Table of contents


Indoctrination syllabus


ACTC gradesheet (sample)



Instrument Ground Evaluation (sample)




SFWT 2 syllabus flow






OPNAV 3710-4 (only Aircrew Data Section shown)











UAE training airspace






Thanks for your consideration!




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