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Critical velocities

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Hi all.

I couldn't find in the manual what are the critical velocities for the flanker?

- Flaps

- Gear

- Landing speed

I've managed to realize it with trial and error, but I would like to know if there are any official values for it.




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1) Max ground speed takeoff:

        A) front wheel disengages by 320 km/h

        B) main wheels disengage by 360 km/hr


2) Max permissible ground speed upon landing:

       A) contact by front wheel—270 km/hr

       B) contact by main wheels—280 km/hr


3) Max airspeed for release, retraction, or wheels-down flight—500 km/hr


4) Max altitude release or wheels-down flight—no more than 4000 m


5) Max landing weight: 23,000 kg


6) Max crosswind component for takeoff and landing—15 m/s


7) Max speed flaperons—600 km/hr





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