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I've owned this plane for a while now, but only recently took serious effort to actually learn it.

I've so far been flying on single player in the Caucasus map and this is what I've been doing in terms of navigation:

I open the mission planner that appears when a mission starts and pick an important point that I wish to have as reference. I mark its distance and bearing from the closest available RSBN beacon. Thus, after selecting the corresponding radial on the HSI I can fly to that point. Also, I take note of the closest ARCs and a heading from their location to home airport. That's pretty much the drill and it takes 2-3 minutes. But for doing so, I use two tools: the mission planner map for distance and bearing (hitting mission planner on the briefing page before mission starts) and Lino_Germany's excellent beacon map for Caucasus.


Today I tried taking the plane online in the Persian Gulf and I realised that multiplayer does not have a mission planner button so it's impossible to study the map and calculate bearing and distance within the game. Also I couldn't find any beacon maps other than for the Caucasus map.


Any suggestions?

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It's not impossible... I do it all the time.

At the top of the F10 map there is a measurement tool. Remember to convert the course reading to local Magnetic.


Use the beacon listing on the knee board pages. It should be available for all maps M3 supports for the MiG-21Bis... someday it would be nice to actually interface with the beacons transmitting on the map.

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You're making life too hard. I'm talking about the default kneeboards. They already contain the navigation information.
Glad you got the ruler sorted lol
Yes, I know but I'd like a little more detail for the Caucasus map beacons and to have some beacon map for the other theatres. I'm using a tool, I think it's called "dcs kneeboard" which has been around for a while apparently. I think I haven't been able to use it in its full potential but it looks a very promising tool.

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