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VR Hardware Benchmark late 2020 - Ryzen 2000/5000 - 1080ti vs 3080 vs 6800XT

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On 2/18/2021 at 7:05 AM, JayRoc said:

@Everyone with AMD 6000: Setting your PCIe port to GEN3 solves all the performance issues! With AMD CPUs. 


Ryzen 5 5600X, X570 MB, Nvidia RTX 2070 Super. I am getting much smoother video performance after setting PCIe to GEN 3 from AUTO. Visual observation only. No hard data. YMMV

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Hey folks,   EDIT: All the performance issues discussed in here with the AMD 6000 series are solved with setting your PCIe slot to GEN3 in your mainboard-BIOS with AMD CPU´s!   my

If you have too much money and want to sponsor a new car for Jensen Huang, thank feel free. 3080Ti coming in a month or two will be far better investment providing the same performance as 3090 for 500


I have a Ryzen 5600x with a gigabyte Aorus Pro AC MB and  a 2070, I set the PCie port to Gen 3 and my system would boot right back into the Bios. It would never start the normal start up sequence. It made me think that the change was prevented boot up. I also saw that for my MB there was a newer BIOS version, F13d. I don’t think I tried with the new version. 
I wonder why system would not boot beyond Bios.

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Tom's Hardware has new article discussing AMD Ryzen systems' issues with USB ports that affect selected users (guess I am among those unlucky few). One of the many fixes that has worked for some is down-grading the PCIe slots to GEN 3.

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On 2/23/2021 at 7:52 AM, Habu_69 said:

Tom's Hardware has new article discussing AMD Ryzen systems' issues with USB ports that affect selected users (guess I am among those unlucky few). One of the many fixes that has worked for some is down-grading the PCIe slots to GEN 3.

"Experimenting Ryzen users have come up with a few workarounds that seem to reduce and/or eliminate the USB dropout issues, which includes disabling Global C-States, disabling PCIe 4.0 in the BIOS and using PCIe 3.0 instead, manually uninstalling/reinstalling USB ports and root hubs, and also disabling unused USB headers. "




I had a very similar problem with my previous Intel based system. My HMD began frequently shutting itself off for 5-10 seconds, I'd hear the familiar sound Windows make when it "found new hardware". The display would come back on, then eventually start the whole process over.


Seems like it started happening anytime I was working on my system and maybe didn't reconnect everything back to the ports they came from. 

I eventually resolved it with USBdeview https://usbdeview.en.softonic.com/


It allows you to remove duplicate or devices, ports etc that are either no longer responsive or missing.


I now have an AMD based system (B550) and have only had the issue once, not related to HMD, but managed to resolve it with the USBdeview tool.


I suspect this isn't specifically an AMD issue, maybe a combo of Windows' hardware mangler & power profiles.


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Hey Jay, thanks for doing this!


I'd like to participate, but I'm having a couple issues following the instructions properly.


How we testet: We used Gryz's DCS benchmark files which you can find here. Benchmark file 1 was used.


The tracks are listet there and should be slightly over 3minutes.

I downloaded and installed this mission. It doesn't seem particularly taxing, and the plane just flies out over some burning towns towards the sea, then eventually makes one turn and comes back.

1. The performance seems quite dependent on which way I am looking, am I supposed to just leave the headset looking straight out the front cockpit default view?

2. This is really dull, but if I take the headset off and hit 'VR recenter so I can leave it on the desk during the test... the headset goes idle. Now while that seems to show no change in the 2D preview view, I can see my CPU frame times immediately take a hit if I ever let my headset go 'idle'. What's the methodology? Turn off idle somehow? Keep it on your real head? Let it go idle early and baseline from that?

3. You say the tracks should be 3 minutes, but I have somehow never seen the message to stop the test (and I ran the test at least ten times last night). I've taken to just stopping my recording when fpsVR says it's been 3 mins. Is anyone else seeing this issue? What's the actual timestamp of the expected stop test message?



 Our results:

There are still results missing. But we benched on two computers for over 12h and at some point you just have enough.

I hope we will fill the missing bits, but its really time consuming putting the graphic cards back and forth.



4. All the charts listing your results are XX,XX. Is that the FPS number? fpsVR for me formats it with a point"." and not a comma ",", but I just want to be sure?


Thanks again, looking forward to sharing my data!

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