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[USER ERROR] AGM 65E and TDC Code and movement

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Hey Guys, there seems to be two small problems, I might have missed it in the book, when you call up stores (AGM 65E) and select them for attack, you have to set a code but The code button lights up on the AGM  E screen but for the life of me it will only take 2 digits, If you want to load a code you have to call up DMT page and use that code procedure. I been looking for the range of codes you can use and I found if you put code 1589 in the code window (OUD) when you look at the code on the maverick page it says 1580 and the digit "0" is extremely large. But any other code seems fine (and the OUD reads 1589). Could  not fine the range for codes in the manual so 1589 maybe outside the code range but I thought it just would not take it. 

Another problem I have found at least for me, after a AGM 65E launch and U uncage another one and make sure the TPOD is not in INS mode the TDC movement is extremely slow it just does not want to move like it does initially, I mean it become a turtle. If you undesignated the TGT and reset the reticle and try to move the TDC (again making sure you are not in INS mode) it still moves like a turtle, Anyone have this problem and if you have what am I doing wrong?

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