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For the love of god, please fix the AMRAAMs. Firing at a 28-25 mile timeline. I have had several AIM-120C's 'Lost' off the rails. Watched tacview, and although the missiles were fired at an TWS L&S lock, the AI aircraft immediately went defensive, spewing chaff and flares galore and performing expert 2-ship defensive tactics. Last time I checked, the AI aircraft should not know a missile was fired in TWS until the missile is guiding itself (Pitbull). I think part of the AIM-120C's issue with hitting targets is attributed to AI's unrealistic defensive edge as far as getting 20 seconds notice before pit-bull, which is more than enough to easily defeat the missile. I have fired, cranked, and supported to pit-bull several times just to watch the missile fail. I don't expect every missile shot to hit its target, it just seems the missile is failing at an unsat percentage. 

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  • Wags changed the title to [MISSING TRACKS AND DETAILS] AIM-120C tracking issues

I reported this may times and ED keeps saying correct as is. The last time I think BN or NL told me that this isn't a problem with TWS rather than an AI issue, being them cheaters. Who knows. In practice, we have a single player broken TWS in the hornet, simple as that.

Stay safe

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This has nothing to do with TWS in the Hornet, it's no different for other modules that use TWS. It's purely an AI issue.

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