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Official News 2021

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15 January 2021


Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,   :pilotfly: 


We hope that the year has started well and that you have taken full advantage of the free to fly period. Thank you.


With the enormous changes in technology and the broad improvements we are planning, please be aware that Windows 7 will no longer be supported as of the release of DCS World 2.7 which we hope to be releasing in the coming months. We will of course be informing you well in advance when a firm date is finalised.


This week, we would like to take the opportunity of sharing development progress on DCS: The Channel. We are working on the final touches to Biggin Hill and Eastchurch airfields as well as Headcorn and High Halden Advance Landing Grounds. In addition to the existing 120 World War II missions we are working on a wide variety of new and exciting missions and campaigns which should be released in the coming weeks. These high quality missions should provide you with excellent immersion and will test your skills.


Thank you for your passion and support.


Yours sincerely, 


Eagle Dynamics Team





Windows 7




We will no longer be supporting Windows 7. Users who do not want not to change their operating system can still enjoy DCS World 2.5.6. However, new updates will not be available. In order to attend to your needs more diligently, please download the latest version. 




The Channel

Development Progress




The latest addition to the Channel map will be the fighter base that protected South East England from Luftwaffe bombers during the Battle of Britain. Over the course of the war, fighters based at Biggin Hill claimed thousands of enemy aircraft, at the cost of hundreds of aircrew lives. 


Please note that DCS: The Channel will soon be moving to Release state. Don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying the 20% Early Access discount while it lasts. Check out the In Development Screenshots.


New Unique Objects England: 

  • Leeds Castle
  • The Parish Church of All Saints Birchington
  • St Augustine's Abbey, Ramsgate
  • Holy Trinity Church, Broadstairs
  • St Laurence's Church, Ramsgate
  • Deal Castle 
  • St Mary The Virgin Church, Ashford
  • South Foreland Lighthouse
  • St Mary's Church, Dover
  • Dover Town Hall
  • St Mary and St Eanswythe's Church, Folkestone
  • St Leonard's Church, Hythe
  • Hastings Pier St Leonards Church, Deal 


New Unique Objects France: 

  • Château de Boulogne-sur-Mer 
  • Belfry Of Dunkirk
  • Church of Saint-Éloi, Dunkirk
  • Hôtel de ville de Dunkerque
  • Column of the Grande Armée 
  • Fort d'Ambleteuse
  • Église Saint-Pierre, Calais
  • Town Hall, Calais
  • Lighthouse, Calais
  • Eglise Notre-Dame de Calais
  • Saint-Omer Cathedral
  • Basilica of Notre-Dame de Boulogne


We are making fine edits to building and terrain textures and final testing is now progress.









We have now introduced a difficulty selector option used in conjunction with the F10 Comms Menu. Options "EASY" "MEDIUM" or "HARD" will allow you to revisit missions and test your improved skill set. Singleplayer and campaign missions include new briefings.


Mission sets are wide and varied and will include:

  • Bomber Escort
  • Flight/Section Scrambles
  • Anti-Shipping Strikes
  • Photographic Reconnaissance
  • Airfield Strikes
  • Train Strafing
  • Close Air Support
  • Bomber/Fighter Intercepts


In some Single Player missions we have introduced FWAF (Fly With A Friend). It allows you to upload the mission to your own server and fly it with a friend or virtual squadron. Ideal for training and for those not quite ready to venture into multiplayer just yet. This is a great way to share the experience with those of you who are just getting started in DCS World. 


Thank you again for your passion and support, 


Yours Sincerely, 


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22 January 2021


Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,:pilotfly: 


As the world navigates an ever-changing new norm of virtual learning, delivery and drive-by birthday celebrations, our customers have relied on us to stay informed, connected and entertained. Now, more than ever before, our customers around the world have found inspiration and value in the breadth and quality of our products, which impacts their lives in big and small ways everyday.


We would like to share a development report on our DCS: F/A-18C Hornet. We are currently working towards an impressive update, new features will include Ground Moving Target (GMT) and SEA radar modes. This update will also include new defense systems and the Transmit Designate (TXDSG) option on the Situational Awareness display, as well as greatly expanded defensive systems like countermeasure programs and electronic warfare capabilities. 


Our third party partners are working on new and exciting campaigns that we plan to release in the coming weeks. They will provide you with excellent immersion and will test your skills. 



Thank you for your passion and support.


Yours sincerely, 


Eagle Dynamics Team









An issue where RWR Contacts displayed on the wrong azimuth has now been resolved. We fixed an issue where moving the TDC caused the radar beam to stick. We also fixed a JSOW A/C manoeuvre error that caused a miss. 


Fuel Low BIT has been added, as well as auto-lase for the GBU-24 Paveway III. We are planning for these features and many more to be released in the next update to DCS World Open Beta 2.5.6. 


Check out the In Development Screenshots.




F/A-18C Hornet

Development Progress




Ground Moving Target (GMT) Radar Mode

Locating ground targets can be a difficult task, an important tool that can assist you is the Ground Moving Target (GMT) Air-to-Ground (A-G) radar mode. When enabled, this mode detects moving ground units and allows you to designate them for tracking. Note that GMT will not detect stationary targets. 


Instruction Video: Ground Moving Target (GMT) Radar Mode


When paired with the AGM-65F Maverick and laser-guided bombs, GMT can be a useful tool for detecting, tracking, and engaging mobile targets.




SEA Radar Mode

Whilst the general MAP Air-to-Ground radar mode has been available for some time, we will soon introduce the SEA A-G mode. This mode allows the radar to detect and track ships out to 80 nm. This is particularly useful for engaging ships using the AGM-84D Harpoon anti-ship missiles with specific range and bearing targeting. SEA mode can also be interleaved to display MAP ground returns.


Instruction Video: SEA Radar Mode


When a target has been designated in SEA mode, the targeting pod can also be slaved to the target.




Defensive Systems Update

We are pleased to announce several new defensive features planned for the next update. These include the addition of Semi/Automatic (S/A) and AUTO expendable countermeasure programs, the Airborne Self-Protection Jammer (ASPJ), and jammer effects on the radar.


Instruction Video: Defensive Systems Update




Transmit Designate

We’ll be adding the Transmit Designate (TXDSG) option on the Situational Awareness (SA) display. When enabled, it allows you to transmit suits to ground designation points and Launch & Steering (L&S) targets for flight members and friendly aircraft on the same Link-16 network. 


Instruction Video: Target Designation (TXDSG)









As well as the substantial push to complete the Hornet’s new features, we would like to mention a notable addition:


Handy Wind Bulk Carrier

A new civilian ship equipped with a functioning helipad for:

  • DCS: UH-1H Huey
  • DCS: SA342 Gazelle
  • DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 2


F-5E Tiger II

The headwind and tailwind anomalies have now been fixed. 


Mission Editor

AI escort aircraft not engaging targets correctly issues have been resolved.  


DCS World

We have added more realistic cockpit sounds when using weapons. The F-10 Ruler in VR and multi monitor mode has now been fixed. The SA-2 Guidance has received a necessary accuracy improvement. Also, user created ground units now shows in white in F10 view. 


You can expect these minor fixes and many more additions to be included in the next Open Beta 2.5.6 update planned for next week. We are incredibly optimistic about where we’re heading, and we believe that the opportunities for developers and the creative community are endless, as are all the positive and meaningful benefits to our customers. 


We thank you again for your passion and support,  


Yours sincerely, 

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