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Hammerfall pt3

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Insanely difficult. I think mostly due to the poor accuracy of the GBU-38's... about 50% of the time, they will miss the SA-9 entirely, and if they do he moves and now the coordinates are worthless.


Would also be nice to know that the only weapon you carry that can scratch those bunkers are GBU38's.

I repeated the mission about 5 times for various reasons... bombs missed their targets, wingman CFIT, wingman refuses to attack targets (he likes attacking the right bunker but will ignore the left, even if told to attack target at my SPI)


I eventually became frustrated enough to just load on a few more GBU12's to get the job done.


I'm not saying the mission is too hard, but it might be worth mentioning in the briefing that you need ALL 4 GBU38's to complete the mission, and none can miss. The bunkers shrug off any other weapon.

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