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Aircraft Rolls After Engine Start-up

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I've noticed this happening on the Syria map and Persian Gulf maps both, as of recent. At Bandar E-Jask and at Al-Dhafra, for example on the PG map.


Most notably at the Syria map, at Incirlik - as another stated, there is quite a lot of slope at many of the parking areas here.




ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please put in wheel chocks via the ground crew for the A10C, it's fairly ridiculous that the option hasn't been there for a long time - considering how old the 'original' model is. The A10C uses wheel chocks in real life (like other aircraft), and not having a parking brake makes this an absolute must!!!!!!!! Shouldn't be a wish list item, it should be a *bug* that they aren't already available.....


Keep working hard, you guys are doing some pretty great thing - keep after it!






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I already opened a thread in the bugs section but it got a "can not reproduce" title.

I solved this with improvising my own chocks. See post #9 in this thread:



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