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Wilcats A-10C Pilots recruit

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A-10C pilots recruit


09-18-2020, 03:57 PM

A10-C pilots


Wildcats Vfs is recruiting A-10C pilots for the 25th FS Draggins Squad.


We are a European based squad. Flights usually are at 1900Z.


All skills welcome.


Although Wilcats is a group with some time in the DCS community, the 25th was formed recently. For this reason, we need skill pilots as much as we have the capacity to train new pilots who are interested in the A-10C.


Our trainings and missions try to integrate all the airframes we support within the same mission objectives according with the role they are designed to play.

In A-10C case we try to develop CAS missions integrated with SEAD, CAP and troops on ground.


For those interested in a Mil-Sim environment with casual elements, look no further.


All we ask is dedication to the airframe and like for dig in the mud.


See you on Discord.


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Hey all, I have flown with Adamastor in different groups.

He and I cut our teeth on some more esoteric A-10 usages, and we always worked well as a team. After a hiatus due to work, I stumbled on this group, and I am glad to be flying with Adamastor again! I am CST/CDT timezone, but the new Wildcats group can work with you if you can make a couple of trainings 19:00 Zulu a month. You can fly with these folks on weekends and early weekdays, a good group to fly with even you can work around the NA to EU time difference.

Us hawg players are always outnumbered by those enamored of the "fasties", but it is like that old WWII saying - "If you want the girl, fly the P-51 (F/A-18), if you want to get home, and not have to limp home because a manpad gave you the stink eye, fly the A-10CI!!"

Good group.

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Noob here, obviously. After watching GCS videos for 2 years I took the plunge and got a computer that runs DCS. Dell Alienware R2. I just bought FC3 2 nights ago. I've been playing on a keyboard to get familiarized with the workings of the A-10A. I am waiting for a joystick to be delivered from Amazon. I live in Panama so it takes time. That said, I have to say that while playing with a keyboard isn't the easiest thing in the world it's getting a bit easier. I wish I could share my last mission flight I created just for practicing. It's hilarious! I was able to figure out how to lock on with sidewinders but missed the opposing A-10. But managed to take it down with my cannon. To my surprise I landed! So, I rearmed and did some bombing runs rather successfully....again to my surprise. Then I landed safely again. Sorta. This time, however I blew 2 tires, skidded sideways for a long way but stayed upright and doughnut'ted my way to parking. I was like; "WTF"?? I think I had too much fuel and forgot to dump it? I don't know....but I got a bronze star....for whatever that's worth. If you guys want to see this let me know how to share the miz file. Veterans may find it hilarious while noobs may find it encouraging. That is, IF I CAN PLAY ON A KEYBOARD ANYONE CAN!

Yeah, I'd be interested in flying with you guys if you'll have me. I mean, once I get my stick. I do have Discord but rarely ever had used it. So, the learning curve with me is a challenge. Panama is EST and sometimes CST; we don't do DST here. 1900? Where? Europe or....? Give me an EST if you will? I'm semi-retired so I think it could be do-able.

Nice to meet y'all. TTYL
Roger aka Panama Red aka Drunk Mutt

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