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[CORRECT AS-IS] AUTO bombing TD box slew still way too sensitive

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After designating with the ball and chain, the TD box slew is still VERY jumpy (I guess already reported way back?). Impossible to make any fine adjustment of the diamond, considering you already placed it as near to the target as best you can anyways. It should rather crawl with slewing, and not jump light years in all directions when trying to fine adjust, even with the Warthog Throttle slew upgrade mod. Totally contraproductive, hard to belive it would work like this in real life. Thanks for adressing it.

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I'm not a RL pilot, but I guess TPOD slew is one thing (if you have one), and TD diamond slew through the HUD is completely another. Not having a TPOD for dum bombs should deny proper TD box slew through the HUD? I tought this is exactly the case (absent of TPOD), what HUD designation were made for. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong...

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Right but you still see the diamond slew on the HUD. If all you can see is the HUD and a diamond slewing, it may not be obvious which sensor is slewing.


I will say without TDC axis (and possibly with) it's useless. The smallest increment it moves is too large to hit anything. I really don't think it actually works like this is my .02. I know ED says it does, but a month ago they were also saying it wasn't a feature outside of a HUD AUTO designation, and for the same reason (SME input).

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Hey, thanks for the report. it is correct as is, HUD slew should be very sensitive based on real-world feedback


To do fine detail slew, SOI should be set to the AG radar or TGP


This is what real Hornet pilots do


Hey there,


would you be so kind and check again if that information is correct? There seems to be a misunderstanding somewhere.



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