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Max Engine Power

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Viper's got a few of those, there's also the "MWS" switch on the CMDS panel and "MAP" on the avionics power panel. Neither has a function in the block that we have, but they remain in place. It's also got two empty buttons on the glareshield which were reserved for future expansion.

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It applies to the P&W 220/220E engines. I don't know about the -100 and -200 engines. Anyway no effect in the P&W -229 or any of the GE engines.


Block 50 has General Electric F110-GE-129, Is it has max engine power function?


Another question there are two variant of this f110 engine

  • F110-GE-129: 29,000 lbf (130 kN)[8]
  • F110-GE-132: 32,500 lbf (145 kN)

Which variant this f16 using?



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