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[CORRECT AS IS]NCTR in TWS doesn't display the aircraft type on SA page

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It is strange. However, the TWS radar mod in DCS performs NCTR. . On the radar screen in the TWS is the item named NCTR(boxed). So if according to your message the TWS radar can't do NCTR. So there is a bug that has a different name? "NCTR is available in radar TWS mode". Because as I wrote, if I move the radar cursor in TWS at a distance below 25 nm to the target, the HAFU symbol on the host will change. The only information that can be changed according to the ROE matrix is NCTR (an aircraft that is marked as a hostile in the library).


I also don't understand why the topic is marked as Corect as is. The IFF ROE matrix is still the same in the aircraft. The aircraft receives a negative IFF Mode 4 response. And now watch out only below a distance of 25 NM identifies the target as a hostile in TWS. Based on what information?

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