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Found a lot of hidden "iCommandThing" commands that work in default.lua files

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In the Mirage 2000 module, a lot of binds are missing, such as (not restricted to) most increase/decrease for volume, channels, cockpit lighting, etc...


Looking at the clickabledata.lua code did not help, it provided the device id for the corresponding knobs, but with these you can only create binds assigning a fixed value, for instance with a volume knob you would have to create individual binds for setting the value 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.20 etc... not very usable. I was looking for increase/decrease binds that I may assign to an encoder.


Some of these are in the module file "command_defs.lua", but here you find only the module specific iCommands, while most are defined globally for dcs.


I have found a list of 1876 iCommands in "input.dll" and extracted it, you can find it attached to this post.


For instance, you find commands : iCommandPlaneUHFVolumeDec, iCommandPlaneUHFVolumeInc, iCommandPlane_VHF_FM_Volume_Dec, iCommandPlane_VHF_FM_Volume_Inc


Hope this helps!


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Very interesting and useful find indeed! I could see the "iCommands..." using FileViewer Plus, but they are displayed in a format that doesn't lend itself for extracting the commands. How did you extract them? Maybe you wrote some code that parses the file looking for strings starting with "iCoomand"? I guess that would be my tack.


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