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[CAN NOT REPRODUCE]TGT cannot be de-selected

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Ran into what I assume to be a bug today in the GAW server. I was carrying 8 GBU-12s, on my 2nd trip after landing on the carrier I was given coordinates in decimal which went fine, then I tried MGRS coordinates and noticed I couldn't unbox TGT in my HSI anymore. I tried everything (nosewheel steering button, going A/A and selecting WPT or even TACN then going back to GRND) but nothing worked.


I am not sure of my exact steps to replicate it, and the track file is rather large 256M (see link). It's a long track file but this would have happened towards the end before I gave up and went to land at an airfield.



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Sadly the track replay is to long and corrupts for me, I will try to reproduce but so far no luck for me.




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