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Thunder Strike Campaign- First mission rough for VR users

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So I tried this mission several months ago and while I questioned the mission concept (albeit innovative and nice idea), it was pretty straight forward jump in the cockpit and fly.


Last week I went back and tried it again and found that a bunch of cinematic elements had been added. Watching aircraft do aerobatics from a ground view is very cool in concept, and I'm sure works well on a monitor. However, in VR it can be VERY disorientating and probably for some painful. Having the view forcefully moved while in VR is a recipe for vertigo and I had to quit out before actually jumping in the jet because I felt the dizziness coming on. Not to mention that the POV when in VR is below ground level, which spoils the cinematic effect that was being sought.


Don't get me wrong, I LOVE adding the atmosphere through this cinematic. In fact, if you have a tutorial on how to do it I've wanted to do it for my missions for a long time. I also appreciate the added guidance on how to run the course, as that was my biggest struggle attempting this the first time. It just doesn't work with VR though. So if it's possible to have an option to skip the intro it would save a lot of headache (literally) for VR users.

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