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Heatblur Livery Competition - SUBMISSIONS ONLY!


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Hi guys, this thread is for submissions only. Any posts that do not include a submission will be deleted, this is simply for us to keep a better overview. All discussions, questions, banter etc please post in the announcement thread here:




Thank you!






Each submission should be presented with no less (but feel free to add beauty shots) than 7 screenshots; front, back, left side, right side, top and bottom of aircraft in full daylight and full view of the screenshot, preferably in 1080, 2k or 4k quality. Additionally, close up shots and/or a short video will be appreciated as we may compile the best videos into a publication. Please do not use post-processing (this includes Reshade) for the screenshots. However, videos can be presented in any way you see fit.


A mission where the F-14 and Viggen is flying using autopilot will be provided for ingame video and photos in order to keep all entries on an equal footing. EDIT: Please keep theatre, date and weather as is. However feel free to change the time of day, adjust AI flights etc.. Ideally please provide us 3 different lighting settings, for example morning, noon and late afternoon. Thank you.


Each submission must include a zip folder with the livery, ready to be installed and working in DCS as well as a text file that includes name of artist (full name and ED forum user name) and relevant contact information (at the minimum a working email address) - your private information will not be shared without your consent. The winners shall be named by ED forum user name.


No PSD files in the Zip file, please. Winners will be asked to provide source files upon completion of the contest.



Please submit a full livery including pylons. Any artwork not included in the Heatblur paint kits should be your own unless approved by and credited to the original artist.


Please find the official mission for submissions here: HB Livery Competition.miz


Please note that you have several AI aircraft for each type flying orbit, select your type for player spawn. If you want feel free to change flyables and AI aircraft, formation, etc. However: Date, time and weather of the mission must not be changed in any kind of way. - also to avoid a misbalance between SC and non SC owners, all shots submitted are to be taken when airborne.


Heatblur Simulations reserve the rights to collaborate with any of the winners to adjust the final livery before inclusion into the official release as they see fit. Heatblur Simulations reserves the right to make changes to any selected livery upon inclusion and/ or remove it at a later point. With the submission of your livery and entry into the competition you, the participant, preliminarily agree that your livery, screenshot and video material can be used by Heatblur in any way we see fit. Heatblur Simulations reserve the right to disqualify any entry without reason and to not select any winners. No winners shall be selected if no livery is up to standards, in which case a rerun of the competition will be set for a later date.

HB Livery Competition.miz

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Heatblur Simulations


Please feel free to contact me anytime, either via PM here, on the forums, or via email through the contact form on our homepage.





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Here is my Offering. As they say "The Best Is Yet To Come!" So, I imagine that if I start it off, there will be some real beauties presented hereafter!


This is a mash up of a VF-124 with some artististic license on my end (Eagle head and wings) and slightly larger tail flash for good measure. Custom Helmets and my favorite part of the whole thing (go figure...the little square velcro patch on the pilot helmet).


I used the Stock HB Paint Kit and a paint made by "Yae Sakura" from DCS LAG to create this.





































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Certified Airplane Nut

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Official mission for submissions added to initial post. Please note that you may change flyable and AI and position on map, add a carrier if you like and all that kind of things, but: you must not change date, weather and/or time of the day or anything else like map etc. - also to avoid a misbalance between SC and non SC owners, all shots submitted are to be taken when airborne.

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Heatblur Simulations


Please feel free to contact me anytime, either via PM here, on the forums, or via email through the contact form on our homepage.





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My submission: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17VotYAK3JfPBe3C6G18Euyq92kSkKV18/view?usp=sharing


My fictional story :


In 1977 the Canadian government initiated the New Fighter Aircraft Project, a replacement program for the ageing CF-101 Voodoo, CF-104 Starfighter and CF-5 Freedom Fighters. Several proposals came in from many respected manufacturers, including the F-15, F-14, F-16 and F/A-18.


In 1978 things were heating up in Iran, a foreign customer of the F-14 Tomcat. Sensing tensions in relations, the United States and Grumman canceled the delivery of all F-14's to Iran, and offered them at a highly discounted rate to the Canadian government and the RCAF. In an effort to seize an opportunity, the RCAF jumped on the proposal and acquired 80 F-14A's from Grumman with deliveries beginning in 1981. With the Tomcat only having projected air to ground capabilities, it was decided the Tomcat would replace the CF-101 in the NORAD interception role, while the F/A-18 would end up fulfilling the remainder of the requirements to replace the CF-104 and CF-5.


While in service with the RCAF, the TF30's reliability issues were becoming problematic and a request for proposals was issued to Canadian based companies to re-engine the CF-14. An agreement was reached in which the Canadian General Electric plant in Bromont, Quebec would provide new F110-GE-CAN engines, heavily based on the F110-GE-400 engines being considered for the US Navy's F-14B. The new engine would provide the same power output but with a few Canadian additions to aid in its operation at Northern FOB's. The arrival of the new engines in 1988 would coincide with a newer low visibility grey scheme, similar to the new CF-18's coming into service, finally retiring the old Cold War scheme that had been seen on RCAF interceptors since the 1960's.


The Screens:














Some glory/detail shots:
















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F-14A - 141st - Royal Sidewinders - Leader

Submission file:



A part of a Livery package made for the 141st - Royal Sidewinders Squadron for different modules

Each module has a separate skin for a leader with Red tail, helmets and drop tanks and a wingman with black tail, helmets and drop tanks.










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To clarify on the submissions:


Post the 7 screenshots as described in the original post. Not 3, not 20, just the 7 please - this gives us a better overview. (We wont disqualify you if it is ten, just, you know, keep the reviewing process in mind. The more condensed it is, the better.)


Please use the mission, so that everyone has the same theatre, we did an autumn evening lighting, because it has more saturated colors and adds a bit of a red shimmer. EDIT: However: feel free to change the time of the day, but keep date and weather as is. Ideally you can show us 3 different lighting situation, say morning, noon and late afternoon.


Additionally submit the dropbox/ etc download link. If you do not want to submit the files here in public, you can just submit the screenshots here and send the files to @ensamvarg as a PM. If you do so, please specify it clearly in your submission post, so it doesnt get overlooked.


Those who already submitted a bit differently: no biggy. You can edit your submission posts/ change your submissions till the deadline.


Important to us is that we get all submission screenshots in the same lighting, thus please stick to the mission. You can change aircraft/ AI all that kinda stuff, except the items mentioned above.


Of course, any kind of photo-editing is not allowed, I don't think it has been mentioned, but I think that is self understood.


Also, great stuff so far, keep it coming!

Edited by IronMike

Heatblur Simulations


Please feel free to contact me anytime, either via PM here, on the forums, or via email through the contact form on our homepage.





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Hello from JTF-191 and the VF-102 Diamondback F-14B squadron. Here is my submission:


Livery Story:

On May 1st 1952, the Navy created a Fighter Squadron designated as the VF-102 Diamondbacks. For over 65 years the Diamondbacks have conducted forward carrier operations in theaters around the globe. In 1981 they transitioned from the F-4D Phantom, to the F-14A Tomcat, marking a new Era for the Diamondbacks.


For their first deployment in the new airframe, they were assigned to the USS America as part of CVW-1 where they were given the tail code "AB". The 102 deployed with CVW-1 until 1996 when the US Navy decommissioned the America. Afterwards the 102 were assigned to CVN-73 and the USS George Washington.


For over 25 years the Tomcat ruled the skies as the United States premier fleet defense aircraft. While the 14 certainly earned its reputation as a long-range air to air fighter, in 1992 an ever-changing Navy expanded the Tomcat's role to include upgraded sensors and weaponry for ground strikes. This eventually earned her the title of "Bombcat". In Fact, the VF-102 flew over 5,000 combat hours in operation Enduring Freedom dropping thousands of pounds of munitions. At the end of the operation in 2002 the VF-102 had accrued more combat hours than any other F-14 squadron for that conflict.


After the VF-102's final deployment in the Arabian Sea, the squadron moved to NAS Lemore in California to begin transitioning to the F/A-18F. When training completed the squadron was renamed the VFA-102 and they assigned to Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan where they changed their tail code to "NF".


On September 22, 2006 The Navy officially retired the F14 from service, just after the VF-102's 50th anniversary. Sadly, while the VFA-102 F/A-18's received this beautiful anniversary livery, no F-14s ever did. This livery is my tribute to the 102, and to the truly amazing Grumman F14 Tomcat. Nearly every part of this livery was done by hand, including the BUNOs and Numbering. I also added both the AB and NF tail codes to pay tribute to long and rich service history of this Squadron. It took an incredible amount of time and effort, and I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.




PS. There are more screenshots on the discord submission channel.


Download Link (Callsigns have been removed from aircraft for submission):



Historical Fact Credit:








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The VF-6 fighting Six. This scheme is a tribute and commemoration of the airmen on both sides that fought in the Pacific theatre in WW2. Lt. Alex Vraicu achieved 19 kills in his Grumman F6 while flying in VF6 - the Fighting Six. After a number of name changes to US Navy squadrons in and after WW2, VF6 ended up being VF3 and later, VF31 - The Tomcatters. So the F6 that fought in the Battle of The Philippine Sea could be considered to be both a technical, and spiritual granddaddy to the F14 Tomcat that flew in VF31, the last unit to fly the Tomcat. The actual F6 Hellcat "WHITE 19" still flies to this day, and is owned, and flown, by none other than Nick Grey - of Eagle Dynamics https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wkboQXXVbuw6POIbwqZPGkXr_Uyi1dnd?usp=sharing










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Hey, here's my contributions for the competition.

F-14A: NSAWC Aggressor #19 "Felon"


This is a fictional top gun (NSAWC) skin based on present day aggressor skins found on Hornets and Vipers. The real life Su-57 (NATO reporting name: Felon) also sports a similar livery, which is the reason for the naming.

For now I'll post the skin in private to @ensamvarg . I'll release it to the user files upon conclusion of the competition 🙂


















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64th Aggressor Squadron
Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron
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Introducing VF-168 Dragon Riders. This is a fictional skin for the F-14B Tomcat that represents the livery for the Commander Air Group (CAG) jet attached to the USS Ranger (CV-61).  The choice of “168” is inspired by the USS Nimitz CVN-68 which I served aboard with the Reactor Propulsion Department.  The livery is inspired by VF-1 Wolfpack.  Every stencil was created from scratch and my primary point of reference was the incredible Bert Kinzey books, “Colors and Markings of U. S. Navy F-14 Tomcats, Part 1 & 2”, (Digital Colors and Markings Series of books).  The multitude of stencils present on the Tomcat is generally close to how Grumman stenciled the Tomcats early in production and this skin is meant to emulate that initial practice.  Gradually, according to Kinzey, the number of stencils were reduced in until most Tomcats had very few stencils (beyond the primary stencils). 



Good luck folks!


VF-168 RIGHT.jpg

VF-168 LEFT.jpgVF-168 TOP.jpgVF-168 BOTTOM.jpgScreen_201211_153737.jpgScreen_201211_153114.jpgScreen_201211_160944.jpgScreen_201211_160933.jpgScreen_201211_152851.jpg

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Fictional Israeli Airforce Livery, based on the 144th "Phoenix" Sq. mid 90s Livery.

First of all apologies, you requested one skin submission, but these are twins and I could not bring myself to separate them 😀
Both Liveries are originally built as an F-14B Livery as will be explained below. However, in order comply by contest rules, the Gray Air supremacy Livery is submitted as a F-14A-135-GR Livery, while the Desert camo is submitted as F-14B.


In 1994 the IAF received a squadron for USAF surplus F-16A/Bs, they remained in their original USAF gray for a few years slowly being repainted to the "trademark" IAF desert camo.
In the fictional world this Livery exists, the IAF received ex. USN F-14Bs.




and some beauty shots:Screen_201211_195225.jpg




I've tried my best to try and recreate the correct "Vibe" so I've created a few extra surprises in the cockpit.
these include (but not limited to):
 * IAF helmets similar to what was used in that time period (1985-2000)
 * flight suit patches (in the spirit of early 2000s "patching standards" for the IAF)
 * ranks and name patches omitted as it is customary not to fly operational sorties with them.

and one last bit if trivia, actual photo taken by the 144th circa 1996, this was my true inspiration for this livery (check bort 😉).
Official submission file with contact details was sent to @ensamvarg via PM as requested
for all you other folks interested, it's available in Userfiles

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Romanian Air Force squadron 256 Dobrogean aviation - fictional

Fictional Romanian Air Force Livery, based on the romanian F-16A bl. 15 paint scheme.

I tried to recreate original paint scheme as much as I could with original colors and text. I worked pretty hard on this skin and I managed to make and alignment with the white from the fuselage with the white from wings in such a way that variable wing sweep ability doesn't affect my alignment.

Helmets are pretty empty because real F-16 romanian pilots don't have anything on their helmets.

For downloading this skin and contact info acces this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zjyQ7xk0Mk7XkRYmrgovOfBqVEwnUGy9?usp=sharing

Sorry for poor quality on photos but they are compressed.










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Fictional Romanian Air Force Livery, based on the romanian MIG-21 LanceR paint scheme.

I have inspired from the original viggen skin and I changed the colors and added emblems, and i think this is the skin romanian military would use if they would have in use this plane.

Sorry for the poor quality of the images but they are compressed to fit in forum page.

For downloading this skin and contact info acces this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17NLAPC_GAUJVzE-AeDchSA7esb3CuPEP?usp=sharing









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here's my first submission 

Skins : Circa 1992

1-BuNo 159853  Model : F-14A-90-GR   Squadron : VX-4  Callsign XF1  Bunny one (late)  glossy

Condition : Done !

Download Link : is sent toensamvarg











Real Pictures :




VX-4 11.jpg




Here's my Second submission

Skin : Circa 1999

2-BuNo 161862   Model : F-14B-XX-GR   Squadron : VX-9 Vampires  Callsign : XF240 "White Whale"

Condition : DONE !

Download Link : is sent toensamvarg

Pictures :






Digital Combat Simulator  Black Shark Screenshot 2021.01.11 -

Digital Combat Simulator  Black Shark Screenshot 2021.01.11 -

Digital Combat Simulator  Black Shark Screenshot 2021.01.11 -


Real Picture:




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icon modules dcs small.png
My Liveries : Download Here       IIF Project : Click here       My Discord : Isaac#5625       Iranian DCS Community Discord Channel : Click Here
My Gear :

CPU: i5 7500 @ 3.8GHz + watercooling | Mainboard: ASUS STRIX H270F Gaming | Ram: 16gig 2400 | GPU: ASUS DUAL GTX 1060 6G OC | Monitor: ASUS VG278HE 27" 144Hrz | Headtracker: Open Track + DIY Clips | HOTAS :Logitech 3D pro + T-16000 Throttle | Mouse & Keyboard: CoolerMaster Devastator 3


WISH LIST Modules : KC-707 & KC-747 | F-5E-2 & F Tiger II | F-4D/E Phantom II | AH-1J Intl. Sea Cobra (209) | BELL 212/412/214A/C ISFAHAN Boeing CH-47 Chinook

WISH LIST Maps : Iraq and West of IRAN  | Vietnam 

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VF-41 Black Aces - FAST FAC Nose Art - AJ101 (2001) BuNo 162608


F-14A BuNo 162608 as flown by the Black Aces in 2000/2001.
Sports the Tomcat Fast Fac Nose Art.

Shoutout & thank you to the F-14 Tomcat Association and in particular:

Tony Holmes
Dave Brown
Steve Czerviski

Stats by Dave Brown:
F-14A Grumman Shop Number 530 was delivered 02/21/86. 162608 accumulated 5784 flight hours, 1682 cat shots, and 1699 arrested landings, including field arrestments. She has rested at a museum in Birmingham, AL, since 10/16/03.












More here:



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F-14A-140-GR BuNo#162710


VF-202, the "SUPERHEATS", was a United States Navy Reserve squadron attached to US Atlantic Fleet Reserve Carrier Air Wing 20. VF-202 was established in July of 1970 and disestablished in December of 1994. Aircraft flown by this squadron include the F-8H Crusader, F-4 Phantom II, and the F-14A Tomcat. Since this is a reserve squadron, the aircraft has a cleaner, glossier finish than what we are used to. The livery depicted here is representative of their #200 CAG aircraft ca. 1991. Thank you to PorcoRosso86 for the gloss roughmet template (use with permission).


Google drive link sent to @ensamvarg











Thanks for looking!

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Carrier Strike Group One

VF-111 Discord

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F-14A-75-GR BuNO 159008

VF-32 Swordsmen: AB 200, circa 1976


My submission for the F-14A, VF-32's 00 bird in 1976. 159008 would be the first Tomcat the Swordsmen acquired as they were transitioning from the F-4 to F-14. In the timeframe of my creation, AB 200 would be displaying the Admiral Clifton Award as they were recognized as the best Navy Fighter squadron in the year prior. 159008 unfortunately would not serve for very long, having crashed near NAS Oceana late October of 1977 under the colors of VF-101 Grim Reapers, only seeing around 3-4 years worth of action before being written off. Included with the livery is a modified roughmet based off of PorcoRosso86's early Tomcat skins, along with a modified normal map of the vertical stabilizers to more closely represent the shape of the Aluminum Corogard leading edges.


Also included:
- Early bright-colored AIM-54A Phoenixes

- Attempted recreation of AIM-7E Sparrows










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F-14B-30-GR BuNO 157986
Super Tomcat Prototype

My submission for the F-14B, the 7th Grumman Prototype meant for Engine Tests. Initially acted as a testbed to the Pratt & Whitney F401-PW-400, but the Navy would cancel the order of F401 engines in favor to continue using the TF30s on the F-14As. After General Electric produced the F110-GE-400, 157986 was equipped with the new engines and would demonstrate improved kinetic performance and a longer loiter time between the F110s and the TF30s. My creation would represent an earlier paint scheme of the Super Tomcat Prototype, where the aircraft would have black bars and text as opposed to the more well-known dark blue.

Also included:
- Attempted recreation of an inert Sidewinder for the AIM-9L/M
- Attempted recreation of an inert AIM-7E Sparrow
- Inert AIM-54A Phoenix made for testing
- Inert unguided A-G munitions, specifically the Mk81 to Mk84 series of unguided low and high drag bombs










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Nickel 100, BuNo 159428
F-14A with VF-211 Fighting Checkmates during the 2001-2002 Operation Enduring Freedom deployment.

Includes custom Lantirn pod, helmets, flight suit, 3 different possible fuel tanks, and the grey variants of weapons (textures done by Eagle Dynamics), as well as tweaks to the tail's panel lines, and custom normal and roughmet work to remove the exterior reinforcement panels, which are usually inaccurate for A models (I say usually because it seems that every BuNo was different, and I could not find a true standard). 

Download link (will be posted to the user files)


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Gypsy 100, BuNo 162916
F-14B with VF-32 Swordsmen on the 2000-2001 maiden deployment of the USS Harry S. Truman

Includes custom cockpit BuNo, patches and helmet, a custom Lantirn pod, grey AG munitions (textures by Eagle Dynamics), and fuel tank, as well as a tweak to the leading edge of the tail.


Download link (Will also be posted to user files)










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