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AI ground vehicles path finding in plantations

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Whenever AI ground vehicles run into the plantations (or whatever they are) they start pathfinding in a maze like pattern, the same weird pattern they use when in a city, but much tighter since they pathfind past every single plant, or at least that's what it looks like. They can stay in a patch of plants/trees for multiple minutes before they find their way out, and if it's a big enough plantation they might never find their way out.


The vehicles in the video is set on a straight path to a single waypoint, but they run into this behavior whenever they are in the types of plantations that are in the video. All three vehicles are in the same group and were driving in formation until... well... this.


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This is 100% reproducible, even in today's open beta. It seems to be caused by the density of the bushes.

A forest up north is no issue for the same vehicles: they go through it almost in a straight line. Probably because trees have more space around them.


Maybe vehicles should consider these "wall of bushes" uncrossable? Or, on the contrary, crossable like tall grass is?

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Agree, these Orchards/Plantation shouldn't block tanks or vehicles. It breaks most missions relying on ground forces advancing or moving into zones.

The best way would be of course to have perfect pathfinding, but until we get there just making the orchards "passable" would solve this issue.



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I’d say it breaks all missions in syria with units moving on the ground, unless the mission maker takes specific precautions to avoid them.


i’m making a mission with randomly spawned enemies that relies heavily on ground units maneuvering in specific directions, but that is most of the time unplayable and the vehicles must move by road to not get stuck forever.

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