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Adding a panel/throttle

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I have a WarBRD stick, with some customization in VPC Congurator. I will receive a throttle and panel soon.


I have noticed that in VPC Configurator's profiles, you can select a base, a grip, and a panel. What is this for? Should I add the panel to the profile, or use a separate profile once I have my grip?


If I want, for instance, having a "mode selector" dial on the panel, which will change the action of some buttons on the grip, should it be done through different logical buttons created in VPC configurator (is this possible?) or through modifiers in DCS?


Thanks for advices, this may save me some time redoing the set-up several times in the future...

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My virpil kit is all seperate devices, each one needs a profile, unless something has changed that is.


I currently have two sticks, and the first generation throtlle.

i7 8700k @ 4.7, 32GB 2900Mhz, 1080ti, CV1

Virpil MT-50\Delta, MFG Crosswind, Warthog Throttle, Virptil Mongoost-50 throttle.

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The panel can be connected:

1) To the throttle

2) To the Mongoost base (Not the WarBRD which has no input port)

3) Directly to the computer.


In the last case, it is seen as an independent device.

In the two first cases, it is seen as an extension of the "master" device, adding buttons and axis.


I just received my panel and hesitate between using it independently or as the throttle, before doing all my binds... As an independent device you have one extra profile to manage, while attached you don't need to, but is probably more prone to be a big mess sometimes in the VPC configurator, during firmware upgrades and due to the big number of buttons


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