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RAFALES PACK (Version 003) 2.5.6 and 2.7 by Cuesta Brothers


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9 hours ago, Airbarba said:


1.Generate Liberation 4.1.1.

2.open ED(Open beta in my case)

3.Add new flight of Rafale

4.Fly SP/or save and bring up MP(you will not be able to change loadout nor liverie from one thats been edited AG/AA)

thats it



thank's try tomorow


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Is there dedicated server for Rafale MOD?

If anyone wants to fly Liberation 4.1.1 with Rafale let me know so maybe I can bring up server for 5/6 pilots?!

Ras Al Khaimah AB   Rafale B/C,maybe carrier CDG with RafaleM?



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59 minutes ago, Donla50566 said:

The wing cover in black 

is this a normal liveries or it a bug?

If it a bug how can I fix it.


It seems that it's a bug since the last update.

Only a few liveries are impacted.

If I found a solution, I will tell you

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